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Yay! We've reached our goal
Goal:  $64,000

7 generous donors have generously pledged up to $32,000 in matching donations for every new dollar we raise over the next 24 hours. This means that we have just 24 hours to raise $32,000 online. If we do, Skokie Chabad gets a total of $64,000! We must reach this goal by Mincha on Erev Yom Kippur!

This means your donation is worth 2X what you put in –

2X the energy
2X the mitzvah
2X the impact

Help us meet this challenge! PLEASE DONATE NOW!

These 7 donors are our personal friends, who don’t live in Skokie, don’t utilize the services of Skokie Chabad, and they haven't donated to Skokie Chabad before. They are doing this because they recognize a good product when they see one. They are smart investors, and are buying into the success of our local organization! Your donation today will have more impact and bring more returns, and it’s a mitzvah as well!

Our matchers have presented this challenge, and will give $32,000. This will take care of last year’s shortfall. The challenge to us is to succeed at raising another $32,000 to launch into 5778 with a burst of energy and momentum, and preempt a similar shortfall this year. This special opportunity exists only until Yom Kippur.  Please do what you can by clicking here.

Please help! We can do it! There’s just 24 hours!

Help us keep delivering quality care, content, and meaningful interactions for more happy, vibrant, and engaged Jews in Skokie.  Thank you!

* We deeply thank all of the wonderful donors who given over the course of the year, and we thank you again for participating in this unusual opportunity.

* Make your legacy a strong Jewish future. Please consider including Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie in your planned giving. 

Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie is the umbrella organization that encompasses Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), Junior Gan Israel Day Camp, Skokie CTeen, Skokie Chabad Hebrew School, and the shul.

We are constantly improving and upgrading, to make every interaction into a spectacular Jewish experience. The one thing that does not change is that we are here and ready to help every Jew however we possibly can.

While membership payments aren't required in order to attend, we all know that that Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie cannot survive without money, and that you feel good about supporting it, and you would feel even better if you were more generous.

We hope you come often to enjoy all of our programs and activities!

May G-d grant you a wonderful sweet new year. May the coming year be a year of peace for all, and the year that we experience the coming of Moshiach!

We Thank Our Recent Partners
Beri Cohen
Happy Peaceful Simchat Torah for all
Deborah Talsky
Jerry Solomon Kreiman
Stacey Brown
Libby Chernoff
lawrence and sarit miller
Jodi okner
In memory of my beloved in laws. Anne and Sy Okner.
Deborah Fingerman